You pay money only after receiving a work permit, or do not pay at all, if the job is free.
Only official vacancies and legal employment on contract.
We work without intermediaries. Direct contracts with employers from different countries.
Decent level of wages from 13,000 to 60,000 UAH
Free accommodation from employers. Transfer to the workplace.
Many contracts offer a free flight or transfer to the workplace.
Constant updating of vacancies from employers, and monitoring of actual proposals.
For employers, guaranteed a free replacement of staff according to the contract.
Full client support before the signing of the employment contract. Support in crisis situations.

Project manager
Special offers

Being our client is profitable! If you repeatedly contact us for help in job search, we’ll do for you a DISCOUNT or offer a number of possible bonuses corresponding to your vacancies!


    «Thank you Lena and all the agency Iles Group for the quick selection of work. I work in Krakow as a cook in a café for 3 months, generally work is better than I expected. Wages are paid regularly. Thanks again!»

    —Tamara Maystruk

    «Thanks to the company for employment in Kazakhstan! I like it very much, it's very unusual and beautiful. Across the Astana carried a huge construction projects. For our brother builder is a good salary. Hello everyone!»

    —Sasha Nechyporenko

    «Hello everyone, I have just flown and settled right in our hotel Doha is awesome! The city is very beautiful, just cannot convey all impressions. Thanks again for the girls attention».

    —Natasha (Vinnitsa)

    «Hello! I want to thank you for a job in Warsaw. I am from Khmelnytsky and have worked for 20 years in construction, but here are better wages that I’ve ever had. I obtain 12 zlotys, and have a free hostel. I'm satisfied. Thank you!».

    —Viktor Chereda

    «I decided to write… We have already settled, we were greeted warmly, now all the documents in registration and on Monday we are able to start the work. There are the construction projects everywhere of course and everything is very modern. Well done! We think the work will be all right; we’ve got the uniforms and walked around the object… in general ok. Thanks for all.».

    —Sergei Grigoryev